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Music that remarkably stands out from all the rest. Unlike anything you’ve ever heard; like everything you love to hear.

Peace Love Harmony is a collection of all-original songs that reach out and touch your spirit like a breath of refreshing air, or a drink of clear water.

Each song is carefully crafted for all listeners to fully enjoy from beginning to end; powerful combinations of addictive lyrical and musical hooks create the irresistible desire to hear them again and again.

Memorable melodies and impassioned lyrics hold universal appeal. These songs resonate with soul and spirit as they bloom brightly to the highest level of musical energy and excitement.

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Important Note: Peyote cactus not recommended or required. Listen to the songs and meditate to bring the visions.


peace love harmony

  1. Whole Lot Better
  2. Bad Side of Town
  3. Goin’ Down to the River
  4. What to Believe
  5. A New Day
  6. Lady
  7. Are You Lonely For Me
  8. I’m Hypnotized
  9. Six More Hours
  10. The Hungry Song
  11. The Wind and The Waves
  12. Mother’s Day

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Heartfelt thank you:

  • Joe Day (Old Shoe band) for believing in my songs, collaborating and making it all happen.
  • Dan Cooney for those songs we wrote together way back when, and for being a forever friend.
  • My wife, Nancy, for putting up with me chasing rainbows and dreams.
  • Mark Kopricina for his amazing creativity and artwork for Acoustic Peyote/Peace Love Harmony, and his friendship.
  • Lastly, this CD seriously might never have happened if it weren’t for the suspension bag burst on Old Shoe’s “Bertha” bus (a sad story with a happy ending). Thank you, Bertha!



Peace Love Harmony 

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