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Here's what we've been up to:

  • Composing new songs, and in the studio creating music (too much fun).
  • Aiming to release new EP collection of songs November 2018.
  • Working to get back out and perform. Anxious to share new songs with a live audience.

In the meantime, the Peace Love Harmony song collection is still fresh.  Have a listen:

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Writing Songs You'll Never Forget

While I've held several "jobs" in my day, one thing remained constant: I've always been a songwriter and a musician.

Performed with many bands, and still play out. Been writing songs since my early teens, and never stopped. Timing is right to share my music with everyone:

  • Debut CD: Peace Love Harmony 12 songs recorded under the pseudonym Acoustic Peyote.
  • Distributed on CD and digital download via CD Baby and Amazon Music. Also on iTunes, Spotify, etc, etc, you name it; around the cyber place world. 
  • I've formed a Publishing Company: Sunray Dialogues Music. Already have first client (me) who's licensed to do (my) songs on Acoustic Peyote's upcoming album Peace Love Harmony. Perfect fit!

ASCAP member


Questions? Song Licensing? Send an email:


Check out the video: "Are You Lonely For Me"

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Peace Love Harmony 

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What to Believe

Are You Lonely For Me

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